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"Through my company, Fridhs UAB, I want to offer organizations a strategic holistic view through advice and practical solutions for development and change management so that the business has Easy to Do Right & Keep Track of What Matters in an ever-changing world. Offer you help to structure, analyze, prioritize, and plan the development work so that you with a distinct change management get the entire organization involved in the implementation and reach the effects that makes both people, environment and business prosperous and sustainable.

 Lars Fridh - PhD,  Senior Strategic Advisor and Consultant -

Easy to Do Right & Keep Track of What Matters

About Me

For over 30 years, I have had the privilege of working with leadership, development and change management in various positions at strategic, tactical, and operational business levels. The years as a manager, business & operations developer, project &  change manager, researcher, university teacher and competence developer, and IT consultant, have given me a very large experience of development and change management, from many different perspectives. 

Lars Fridh - PhD, Senior Strategic Adviser & Consultant -

I consider myself down-to-earth, open, and outgoing with a positive and humble attitude. I find it easy to communicate and strive to be straightforward and honest with integrity. My strength is my analytical and pedagogical ability combined with being driven, structured and reflective. I have a good ability to see and analyze complex activities and visualize the results with a holistic approach.

I have a genuine interest in development and are stimulated by coaching and developing organizations as well as ideas and individuals, through curiosity, creativity, and a strong commitment.

For the past 20 years, I have been active in the forest industry and its adjacent areas of activity. Since the beginning of 2022, I am self-employed as a Senior Strategic Advisor and Consultant in development and change management.


Value base

My general attitude and approach is:

When a business has Easy to Do Right & Keep Track of What Matters in an ever-changing world, the prerequisites exist for a lasting business where both people, environment and organization are prosperous and sustainable.

... and is based on the following value base:

  • The world is constantly changing and to adjust and develop the business is necessary for its duration and sustainability.
  • Management and managers have as their most important task to create the right conditions for the business operations implementation and ongoing development.
  • Employees are the business's most important resource as their commitment and responsibility are crucial success criteria for the duration of the business.
  • The individual employee fundamentally has the will to perform and needs the right conditions to do well.
  • Development and change management is an ongoing process and not a static individual event.



I offer your organization a strategic holistic view for your development and change management through advice and by practical solutions. I help you to structure, analyze, prioritize, and plan development and change for successful implementation and effect in your business. My starting point is always your business-specific needs and conditions, something that we define together. Contact me for more information and an initial dialogue. Some examples of services are:

The strategic work of the Management Team and the Operational Pitfalls

Scenario: The members of the Management Team can often have large operational commitments in managing their own departments. Thinking, reasoning, and planning strategically can be difficult, it can take some time and quite a lot of energy. The risk is that the Management Team doesn’t consider themselves to have that time and energy. Due to the priority of the operational commitments the Management Team is then becoming operational even in its strategic work. Instead of long-term, strategic plans and goal formulations, strategy work often lands in short-term, operational activities. Unfortunately the Management Team doesn't consider themselves to have time to create consensus and formulate a common,  unambiguous communication for the organizations development and change.

Instead, each member of the Management Team formulates a own message for each department. The overall communication, the message, the vision of the business and its development and change will then diverge within the organization, with as many variations as Management Team members. The Management Team has fallen into the Operational Pitfall.

The consequence is that the development and change of the business becomes unclear and confusing for the employees, they feel insecure and perhaps also frustrated. They are not sure WHAT to do or HOW to do it, let alone WHY to do it. Parts of the company have different ideas about WHO should do it.

Has the Management Team received an increasing amount of detailed operational questions from managers and employees in the organization lately??

I offer Boards and Management Teams a help to structure the strategic development work. Based on a strategic holistic perspective, analyse the objectives, current situation and conditions to identify strategic needs for development and change in the business' direction, organization, working methods, digitization and competence. Establish a strategic plan with clear priorities, with consensus and unambiguous communication and messages to the organization for future development and change.

Digitization, new tools, and opportunities - data & analysis to keep track and make the right decisions.

Digital development is moving fast. Large amounts of data are available, and it's easy to collect data yourself. New technologies for analytics and self-learning algorithms (AI) directly in digital applications. Owning your data and having the knowledge and ability to analyze, compile and visualize it to create strategic and operational decision support, forecasts, and follow-ups  is becoming increasingly important in an rapidly changing world. Understanding data is a major competitive advantage.

I offer help with analyzing and structuring the business needs and potential for different analysis methods and increased digitization. Through partners, be able to concretize and propose digital comprehensive solutions, for a value-creating information flow for the benefit of both strategic and operational analyses, forecasts, and decision support.

Development and change always create questions, a curiosity, but also a certain concern. WHAT should change? WHY should it change? HOW is that going to change? WHO is going to change? and WHEN should it change?

For the organization's understanding, success and sustainability, it is important to have consequent and  unambiguous answers to these questions no matter who you ask - the management team, the immediate manager or the colleagues.

Operations - Value chain, processes and working methods

A clearly visualized description of the business, what the value chain looks like, what the processes are and descriptions of working methods, accessible to everyone in the organization is important from more perspectives. It creates a holistic understanding and shows what is done in the business, how collaboration takes place and how value is created. It enables effective management of operations and is a basis for development. 

With a strategic holistic perspective, I offer help in your work to analyze, structure and visualize the business's value chain, processes and working methods. Identify adjustment needs in processes and working methods for higher value creation. Create clarity and a holistic understanding of the entire business.

Development projects - prioritize, carry out, implement, get an impact

In line with the constant change of the world, the development wishes can be almost endless. Many projects underway at the same time? Hard to get enough resources? Is a large part of the resources spent on correcting errors? Are the projects standing still? Unclear who makes decisions? Were the effects missed? Did the implementation go awry? 

 I offer a help to prioritize your projects based on strategic analyses and management goals. Get a clear structure and management with simple decision paths. Last but not least, a structured working method and plan for the implementation and follow-up of the development project.



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  • Lars Fridh 
    Phd, Senior Strategic Adviser & Consultant

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